Last Violent Call

LAST VIOLENT CALL (These Violent Delights #2.5; Foul Lady Fortune #1.5)

A two-novella collection including A Foul Thing and This Foul Murder, set during the events of the Foul Lady Fortune duology to bridge it with the These Violent Delights duet.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Chloe Gong come two captivating novellas surrounding the events of Foul Lady Fortune and following a familiar cast of characters from These Violent Delights.

In A Foul Thing, Roma and Juliette have established themselves as the heads of an underground weapons ring in Zhouzhuang, making a living the way they do best while remaining anonymous in their quiet life.

But when they hear about Russian girls showing up dead in nearby towns, they decide to investigate – and discover that this mystery is closer to home than they ever imagined . . .

In This Foul Murder, Benedikt and Marshall have been summoned by Roma to find the elusive scientist, Lourens, and bring him to Zhouzhuang. Time is of the essence aboard the week-long Trans-Siberian Express, but when someone is murdered on board, Benedikt and Marshall convince the officer in charge they are investigators and promise they can solve the murder if he doesn’t stop the train.

But as they dig deeper, they realize that the murder might having surprising ties to their own mission . . .


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